Tips Upgrading ROM - Avoiding Error on Upgrading and Using Custom ROM

By | Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Tips Upgrading ROM - Avoiding Error on Upgrading and Using Custom ROM. Using a custom ROM with your Android Smartphone have many positive impact to your phone. For me, after using Custom ROM, upgrading from eclair to froyo and after that froyo to gingerbread, I can feel many different in this Custom ROM.

The latest ROM in this blog is Update 26 Gingerbread ROM by joiloroi.

Some change that Android user want most like battery lifetime usage, performance speed, and compatibility with Android Applications and games. And many ROM or I can say that is the main reason to use Custom ROM. The developer of each ROM also keep their ROM to satisfy their users.

But there is a time that we got error while or after upgrade the ROM. Maybe you familiar with the word "Force Close" on your Android. There maybe because the ROM bug or you don't install the ROM in the right way. This post will give you the best way to install ROM, or I can say My best way :D

Backup All your important data (Applications, Contact, etc)

It's very important to do a backup before do anything. I always backup all my Applications and contact before doing ROM upgrade. For Applications backup I' using Huawei Backup. Another applications is Titanium Backup.

Download ROM that Compatible with your Phone!!!

Find ROM that compatible with your Android Smartphone :D

Wipe All Data Before Install ROM

That's why backing up applications is very important. You can also upgrade ROM without wiping data, but the safest way if you don't want to getting "Force Close" or system reboot.

What to wipe:
~ Wipe Data/Factory Reset
~ Wipe Cache Partition
~ Wipe Dalvik Cache (Advance Option in recovery Mode)
~ Wipe Battery Stats (Advance Option in recovery Mode)
~ Format /boot (Important: Only do this if you still have problem after upgrade ROM, do this and repeat all the upgrade step. You can find this in "mount and storage" option in recovery mode.)

Install the ROM and do a clean reboot after the ROM installed

Do not install anything after you successfully installed the ROM. Reboot your phone right after you get the desktop. If you having problem in accessing the desktop after the second reboot, that's mean something not right. You need to wipe data again and reboot. If it still a problem, do Format /boot and re-install ROM.

Do not Install Applications at once

With Huawei Backup or Titanium Backup, you can restore all your applications at once. Don't do that! Just install 2 or 3 applications and reboot after it.

That's all!!!

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