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Full Reset Android Huawei U8100 to Default Factory ROM

Full Reset Android Huawei U8100 to Default Factory ROM it's mean to reset all the changing we have made to our Android Smartphone to the default factory. It's also very useful if you have an error when upgrading your Huawei U8100 Android OS ROM from Eclair to Froyo or Gingerbread. 7PNSKK4TXEAY

I found this tutorial when I have problem after Upgrading Eclair to Froyo using CyanogenMod 6. It takes too long when boot, and stuck in Cyanogen boot image for several times. So I decide to reset it back to the factory default and using back Eclair than Froyo.

If you have any problem or think that the factory default is better, you can follow this instruction to Full reset Android U8100 back to the default ROM.

Requirements :
  • Huawei U8100 Android Smartphone :D
  • Full Charge of Battery
  • MicroSD/Memory Card
  • StockROM for Huawei U8100
  • Card Reader or anything to copy the StockROM to MicroSD

You can download StockROM for Huawei U8100 here (choose your nearest location) or here (USA StockROM from filefactory). Okay, you have all you need. Let's start!!

1. Make sure your MicroSD using FAT32 file system, if not, you have to format it with FAT32 filesystem.
2. Make a new folder on your MicroSD, rename that folder to 'dload' (without quote).
3. Extract the StockROM from the previous download. Find UPDATE.APP and copy it onto 'dload' folder on your MicroSD.
Full Reset Android Huawei U8100 to Default Factory ROM
4. Turn Off you phone. Place the MicroSD to your phone (if it's not already there)
5. Flash the new ROM by pressing "End Call" + "Volume Up" and Power On your phone.
Full Reset Android Huawei U8100 to Default Factory ROM
6. Don't release the button until the progress bar (Updating) shows up.
7. Wait until it's done. After updating your phone will reboot automatically to your default Huawei U8100 Eclair.
8. done!!!

Additional Informations:
Download StockROM for Huawei U8100 here (choose your nearest location) or here (USA StockROM from filefactory)