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Install Google Apps (Gapps Signed) For Android

Google Apps (Gapps Signed) For Android are applications by Google for Android. There are many applications that very important from Google apps. All of you surely know "Market", this is one of Google Applications and much more applications.

There are several ROM that not included with Google Apps. So, before you upgrade your Android ROM, make sure it's included with Google Apps. If it's not, you can manually install Google Apps on your phone by download Google Apps or also called "gapps signed".

Install Google Apps (Gapps Signed) For Android
The previous post we have know how to upgrade Android Huawei U8100 to Gingerbread and to Froyo. You also have the link for many ROM that suitable with Android Huawei U8100. So, if you found no Market after flashing your phone, you need to install gapps signed.

To install gapps signed, there is no different with upgrade ROM except you don't need to wipe the data. For example, Let's start to install Google Apps on Huawei U8100 with Gingerbread ROM CyanogenMod 7.

What you need to install Google Apps?

How to Install Google Apps (Gapps Signed) For Android?
1. Make sure your MicroSD use FAT32 as file system, or format it if it's not.
2. Copy gapps signed file you have downloaded before to MicroSD.
3. Turn off your phone and enter the recovery mode by pressing "Call" + "Volume Up" and Power On your phone while keep pressing the button.
Upgrade Android Huawei U8100 ROM to Gingerbread ROM
4. Release the button when entering the recovery mode. Below is the ClockworkMod recovery looks like.
Upgrade Android Huawei U8100 ROM to Gingerbread ROM
5. Now choose "install zip from sdcard" and navigate to "" (gapps signed file)
6. Wait untill the flashing completed.
8. Choose "reboot system now" to reboot your phone to a new ROM.
9. Done. Now you can follow the on-screen instruction to sign-in to ypur Google Account.

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